22,958 letters of appointment distributed, part of the promised work 1 lakh

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The BJP-led government of Assam today distributed letters of appointment to nearly 23,000 youths who have been recruited in various departments of the state government. A major ceremonial letter of appointment distribution program was organized at Khanapara in Guwahati, where chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma presented his much-wanted letter of appointment to several new state government employees.

Prior to the assembly elections, the BJP had pledged to provide 1 lakh government jobs within a year of coming to power, and today is the first major wave in achieving that goal. A total of 22,958 candidates were recruited to various government posts in 11 state government departments. The new recruits gathered today at the Veterinary College campus at Khanapara in Guwahati to collect their letters of appointment for the ceremony.

The recruitment includes 8,867 in the Assam police under the ministry of home affairs, 11,063 in the education department including teachers and professors in schools and colleges, 2419 in the health department, 330 in the public health and engineering department, 105 in water resources, 69 in social welfare. , 55 in agriculture, 23 in the forestry department, 17 in health insurance workers in labor welfare, 8 in the public works department, and 2 in mining and minerals.

With this, the Assamese government has achieved nearly 25% of its poll pledge for one lakh government jobs. While the government has completed a year this week, this recruitment process is already underway, with more than 1 lakh posts having been identified across various departments. The government had recruited about 1200 people before, and today 23000 were recruited.

In addition, advertisements have been published for the second wave of remaining targeted appointments. In March this year, applications were invited for 13,141 class III posts and 13,300 class IV posts in several departments. That means another ad has been issued for a total of 26,441 more posts, and youth in the state have already applied for the job online.

In his budget speech in March this year, Finance Minister Ajanta Neog said that the government had recruited 1,157 youth, while recruitment for 84,244 posts was in progress and the remaining 14,599 posts would soon be filled. That is, another advertisement for about 34,000 government jobs will be issued soon.

Explaining the delay in the recruitment process, CM Himanta Biswa Sarma said due to the Covid-19 pandemic, his government’s only priority in the first 5 months of his reign was controlling the pandemic, and other work including recruitment took a back seat. “We will recruit another 7000-8000 on July 15th and will start the selection process for another 26,000 posts by the end of July,” CM announced in his speech.

He also said that recruitment for 22,958 positions was carried out in a transparent manner and no one had to pay a penny as a bribe to get a job.

The candidates who landed the job praised Himanta Biswa Sarma’s government for delivering on its main poll promises. In particular, they also said that they got jobs without paying bribes. This has been a major development in the state after the BJP came to power, because during the previous Congressional administration, government jobs were only available after paying bribes.

In a major reform in the recruitment process, the state government has also established two direct recruitment commissions for recruitment to grades 3 and 4 posts, in line with the public service commission for higher-level jobs. Previously, all class 3 and class 4 posts were filled by departments individually, but now they are conducted centrally by both Commissions under the provisions of the Assam Direct Recruitment commission for Analogous posts in the Class-Ill and Class-IV Laws, 2021.

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