How To Beat Queen Of The Highway Side Job In Cyberpunk 2077

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Cyberpunk 2077 packed with content to explore and characters to meet. Indeed, these characters and the quests associated with them are some of the best content this game has to offer. Each new character V encounters has complex wants and needs and often has a long mission to follow.

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One such character is Panam Palmer, a mercenary like V, and a possible romance option if the player chooses to identify as male. Panam’s romantic quest is a long and fun one, and after a few side quests you’ll come to a side job called Queen of the Highway, where you can lock in options for this character’s romance.


Starting Queen Of The Highway

Cyberpunk 2077 Panam Leaning In Car

To start this mission, you’ll need to complete a side job called “With A Little Help From My Friends.” After completing the mission, wait 24 hours in the game, and you will receive a call from Panam.

In this call, Panam will let you know that the Basilisk is ready to be ridden. Tell him you want to ride it and then go to the mission marker.

It’s the mission that will decide whether V is in a relationship with Panam or not, so if you want to make sure you’re taking all the right steps, check out our Cyberpunk 2077 romance and relationship guide.

Talk To Mitch And Panama

The first step in this quest is to talk to Panam and Mitch as they complete repairs on the Basilisk.

Once the work on the vehicle is complete, enter to continue the quest. When Panam tackles the kinks of a car like this tank there will be a timed dialogue option, so keep your eyes open.

After this brief chat is over, agree to jack into the car to learn the controls.

Studying the Basilisk: The Romantic Option of Panama

With the Basilisk ready to drive, it was time to learn its controls, and, if you have followed the steps up to this point, lock your romance with Panam.

Follow Panama’s instructions, learn how to drive a vehicle by driving it around a series of wind turbines. After this, having gained access to the car gun, shoot each of the five targets presented to you.

If you have followed our detailed romantic guide, Panam will now ask if you want to continue syncing with the vehicle. Agree to continue the romantic quest.

To lock your new relationship with Panam you have to be a V male for this to work, choose the dialogue option: “(Let Panam touch you) Oh yeah. Let’s go.” This will start a sex scene with Panam.

If you want to end your romantic endeavors here, choose an option: “Good, but I’ve had enough, thank you.”

Studying the Basilisk: Nothing Romance

The process of studying the Basilisk without the romance aspect is relatively the same.

Again, learn vehicle control by crossing wind turbines. After that, shoot each of the five targets to continue the quest.

Take out Raffen Shiv

If you have taken part in Panam’s romance scene, you will be interrupted roughly as a group – 28 to be exact – from Raffen Shiv attacking the Basilisk and camp.

Take out 28 enemies, use what you learned in the previous step to help you.

If you start a sex scene with Panam, You need to restock all your love because, well… you get the point.

Back to Camp

After defeating Raffen Shiv, back to camp with Panama. Here, he’ll offer you a drink, lemonade, or beer, and you can continue to chat with him about your time together so far.

He’ll ask you to stay with the camp, an offer V can’t agree to no matter which line you choose. Before V can answer his request, they pass out from Johnny’s chip.

After falling unconscious, V will wake up in Panam’s tent and have a chance to explain their condition.

After V’s plight was revealed to Panam, he would offer to help, but to no avail.

After this conversation was over, the final step of the quest was to exit the camp with Panam.

During this final conversation, he would offer to help him and his crew if needed.

In the end, completing this side job opens a new ending for Cyberpunk 2077, allowing Panam to come to V’s aid in their time of need.

Panam Romance Details Added In Patch 1.5

Prior to patch 1.5 and the latest Next-Gen update, this will be where your involvement with Panama ends until the end of the game.

However, if you choose to like this character, he will now send you some rather explicit messages and sometimes wake up next to V in their apartment. This second addition adds some much-needed immersion to the game’s romantic storyline.

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