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Bling Kingdom returns on May 13 to give viewers another look at luxury life. Season 2 of the Netflix reality show picks up right where its predecessor left off, exploring the private and public lives of lavish Asians and Asian Americans on the LA socialite scene. It takes a big personality and a big bank account to make a splash, that’s why Bling Kingdom newcomer Leah Qin might just be ready for a big role in Season 2.

Despite listing him among the main cast, Netflix is ​​very thin in the details about his presence. He is described as a new addition to the Chinese real estate show and investor. Regarding the dramas he might be in, Netflix stated that “he appeared briefly but surprisingly about a Bling Kingdom a couple that surprised the other cast members.” If you watched the trailer for Season 2, there’s bound to be some guessing what kind of specific drama Leah will be bringing in.

Leah Qin’s Job in Real Estate

As previously stated, Leah is a real estate investor, and in 2019, she was involved in the sale of the then-most expensive Calabasas home on the market. The house is listed for $25 million, complete with 15 bathrooms, eight bedrooms, a bowling alley, cinema, and basketball and tennis courts. According to Qin, who was the co-listing agent who oversaw construction of the house as a part owner, the house is “the largest house in Calabasas the city has ever approved.”

You Can Buy Leah Qin’s Clothes

Leah has an account at Poshmark, where she sells some of her best stuff under the name Leah’s Closet. The account is based in Calabasas, California, and also mentions his appearance on Bling Kingdom Season 2 — as well as Season 3, though that might be a typo. Its over 300 listings range from prices as low as $25 to just south of $400. Some of the brands available include names like All Saints, Urban Outfitters, Zara, Club Monaco, and Zimmerman.

Leah Qin’s Instagram

Leah’s many titles and talents are outlined in her Instagram bio, which adds mention of “technology” alongside her exploits in fashion and real estate. However, his actual bait shows luxury more than anything else. She can be seen swimming at sunset in the waters of the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, posing with a sports car in Calabasas, or even smiling during a snowstorm in the Colorado mountains. Among all her worldly splendor, she includes several behind-the-scenes looks at her work in real estate, including several construction site photos. He even managed to add some behind-the-scenes frames from Bling Empire, where she is seen modeling a dress in a flower-decorated yard, with the caption “And I’m back. #blingempire.” But only time will tell what exactly he will bring back to the series in Season 2.

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