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Job Title: Collection Assistant

Duration: 16 Weeks or 600 Hours

Wages: $15.00

Projects and Work Goals

The main purpose:

The Artifact Management Assistant will increase access to, and awareness of the Canadian Industrial Wool’s local documentary heritage and MVTM holdings by ensuring that the MVTM collection’s archives and collections are in good working order. Access to well-organized archives and collections will enable and facilitate public research on local genealogy, industrial, economic and social history.

The candidate will study Museum Studies, Curatorial Studies, Historical Studies, Conservation and Cultural Heritage Management or a similar cultural studies program. Candidates will be familiar with computer applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel. Familiarity with Past Perfect software is an asset but not necessary. Good organizational skills are required.

Task Description


-Analysis of collection organization.

-Analysis of collection storage methods

Description -Update, research required.

-Change the storage method as needed

-Move items to a proper house or

-Update database to current location.

Candidate Profile

Job Title: Artifact Management Assistant

Location: Mississippi Valley Textile Museum, Almonte, Ontario

Working Hours: Wednesday to Sunday, 9am – 5pm


  • Eligible under the CHRC guidelines (registered as a student)
  • Ability to manage programs
  • Knowledge, experience and ability to use various computer programs including MS Word, Access and Excel, Windows, Email, Internet, PastPerfect is an asset
  • Able to communicate effectively both orally and in writing
  • Organizational and time management skills
  • Ability to work under general direction and in a team environment
  • Post-secondary education in a related field (i.e. history or museology)
  • Knowledge of collection management for museums is an asset


  • Develop program strategy.
  • Work with volunteers to identify, move and store artifacts.
  • Perform related data entry and organize information in Past Perfect.
  • Network with local organizations and community members.

Only shortlisted candidates for interview will be contacted.

The Mississippi Valley Textile Museum follows equal employment principles and practices.

Applicants may send their resume and cover letter by email to:

Ryan Milton
Assistant Curator and Museum Manager
Mississippi Valley Textile Museum
National Historic Site
3 Rosamond Street East
Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0

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