The bride’s nose job is wrong; the groom breaks off the engagement

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DUBAI: A man broke off an engagement after his future wife’s cosmetic surgery went horribly wrong.

Arab News reported that the woman’s rhinoplasty went wrong and left her with disfigured facial features. The Arab woman has sued the Dubai-based polyclinic and surgeon and is seeking $111,000 in compensation for physical, emotional, moral and financial damages.

In 2020, the complainant visited a polyclinic in the Umm Suqeim area to undergo a minor plastic surgery where surgeons treated him with Botox injections and small fillers to reduce the size of his nose.

A day later he revisited the clinic complaining of a swollen nose and headache. The surgeon told him to treat the problem with ice. As the pain increased and the swelling got worse, he returned to the clinic where the same doctor gave him two injections, painkillers, and an ointment to treat the wrinkles and black lesions on his face.

A few weeks later, the surgeon called the woman to the clinic to meet with another surgeon, who cleaned the injection site, which had turned into a scab and treated it with ointment and bandages.

Court records obtained by Arab News said the fiancé felt sick when he returned home by taxi and was bleeding profusely before the driver took him to a nearby government hospital.

In 2021, after a medical report confirmed that she had experienced malpractice, the woman filed a complaint against the polyclinic and the surgeon with the Dubai Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Prosecutors assigned a committee of health experts from the Dubai Health Authority to look into the case. The committee ruled that the surgeon committed medical malpractice and was responsible for 10 percent of the permanent defects in the complainant’s nose which, according to documents, became disabled.

According to the committee’s findings, surgeons were unfamiliar with certain technicalities that every physician with the same specialty would be expected to understand.

The committee of medical experts also held the polyclinic responsible for allowing “incompetent surgeons” to treat an Arab woman and causing her permanent disability.

In her civil suit before the court, the plaintiff said her fiancé ended their engagement after her face was damaged, and she later suffered from a mental and emotional breakdown, quit her job, and lost hope that she would ever marry.

In December, the main court ruled against the defendants and ordered them to pay $14,000 in compensation.

The plaintiffs appealed the main ruling before the Court of Appeal upheld the previous ruling in April.

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