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After hours of study, countless exams, hospital rotations, and clinical internships, healthcare graduates are finally ready to put their degree to good use and do real work in a hospital.

Overseas doctors in countries like the UAE must have a minimum of five years of professional experience from their home country, while nurses must have at least two to three years.

Those looking to gain experience abroad may need to be a bit more patient as some healthcare regulators in other countries require several years of work experience in the medical field before they can land a job.

The National Health Service, the UK’s largest healthcare employer employing a wide variety of healthcare workers worldwide, typically recommends overseas doctors to have at least two to three years of practice, post-graduate training and a specific internship to work in the UK.

Meanwhile, overseas nurses must have a registered nurse license and at least one year of work experience to have a chance to be shortlisted in the NHS.

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, overseas healthcare professionals need work experience in their home country to qualify. For example, registered nurses must have at least two to three years of relevant work experience. On the other hand, the specialist role requires a wider range of consulting experience.

In other countries such as the United Arab Emirates, overseas healthcare professionals need more work experience. Doctors need a minimum of five years of work history, while nurses need at least two to three years. Those aiming for a special role must have trained for at least eight years.

While this may sound discouraging to medical workers with limited work experience, one need not worry as there are many ways to gain relevant healthcare work experience.


Medical mission trips allow healthcare workers to put their knowledge and skills to good use, and ultimately make them better practitioners, while at the same time helping those less fortunate without access to health care.

Entry-level position

There are medical facilities that are willing to hire new nursing graduates. Recent graduates may wish to become nurses for private clinics, academic institutions, residential nurses or home care.

Internship program

Schools may have internship programs that may be useful for developing industry knowledge and nursing skills. Sometimes, an internship can lead to a network of connections and future jobs.

Related positions

While it’s great if your first job was a nurse, it may not always be the case for some recent graduates. Others struggling to get a job as a nurse may want to consider other related positions such as lab assistant or data entry clerk. This role can provide recent graduates with some industry knowledge, which may be useful in their nursing careers.

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